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Q. What is the difference between Normal and HD Broadcast?

High-Definition is the top of the line, all digital format for broadcasting and viewing TV programming. With HD broadcast the images will be 2 to 5 times sharper than the images from normal broadcast. The reason being the digital signals send in 0’s and 1’s for HD Broadcasting will be received at the customer point as it is which is not the case for normal television broadcasting. The result of the same is, superior television viewing experience which is delivered in a crystal clear, wide screen format with CD quality sound. It will be like as if you are experiencing your favorite television program in a movie theatre.

Q. With High Definition Broadcasting the television images will be

  • Rich and vibrant images giving a theatre like viewing experience
  • Wide angle aspect ratio – meaning watching images will be a more intense experience just like watching our home television programs in a movie theatre
  • The images will be much more sharper in High Definition broadcasting than the normal version
  • HDTV has digital sound facility which is equivalent to the sound quality produced by the DVD’s. All HDTV broadcasting uses Dolby sound system which is superior in quality and creates a different level of listening experience.

Q. What are the major advantages of HD Transmission?

  • Picture Resolution - HD broadcast will result in a better quality image than normal broadcast system because of higher resolution (a measure of picture sharpness). This essentially means that you can watch the image as real as it gets. Since the digital signals maintain its original quality through out the broadcasting there won’t be problems of signal deterioration, interference etc which we normally see in an analogue or old broadcasting systems
  • Aspect Ratio Quality – This essentially means that the home viewer will be introduced to a wide screen viewing experience like in a movie theatre with HD broadcast systems compared to the older analogue systems. With this attribute you will see more of what you are watching making television viewing more intensive experience. It is due to this factor that HD viewing is normally known as the wide screen viewing experience.
  • Digital Sound - With HD Broadcast system we get to experience the digital audio sound which is significantly better than the standards broadcasting systems analogue sound. The HD Broadcast system supports Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound which will create theatre quality surround sound effect in your living room effectively changing your living room television viewing into a movie theatre experience

A. Once the dish & STB are installed, you will need to activate a pack, through which you will get the channel that you have subscribed to.

Q. What is the standard Television equipment I need to experience SUN DIRECT HD service?

An HD LCD TV which is capable of showing high-definition content is required for enjoying SUN DIRECT HD. All leading home appliance companies like Samsung, LG, Sony, Videocon, etc manufacture HD LCD televisions.